Working Papers (with Links)

How do Voters Matter: Evidence from US Congressional Redistricting”, with Daniel Jones, forthcoming Journal of Public Economics

“Wildfire Risk, Salience and Housing Demand”, with Shawn McCoy, Revision Requested Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

“Zoning and the Economic Geography of Cities”, with Allison Shertzer and Tate Twinam, Forthcoming Journal of Urban Economics

“Racial Sorting and the Emergence of Segregation in American Cities”, with Allison Shertzer, Resubmitted to Review of Economics and Statistics

“Collective Action, White Flight, and the¬†Origins of Formal Segregation Laws”, with Werner Troesken, Under Review

“The External Costs of Transporting Petroleum Products by Pipelines and Rail: Evidence from Shipments of ¬†Crude Oil from North Dakota”, with Karen Clay, Akshaya Jha and Nicholas Muller, Under Review